Our Mission

Freedom is a basic human right. And one of the key components of human freedom is mobility, to such an extent that any accident, injury, or illness restricting our capacity to move, renders us "dis-abled". Each and everyone of us who had to use a plaster cast, a neck brace, crutches or any other rehabilitation device knows how unpleasant that can be. Indeed, if such device is not adapted to our morphology, this can drastically reduce our quality of life. This is why Swiss Motion Technologies ("MotionTech") democratise the usage of tailored orthopaedic devices through their novel 3D printing technologies.



Kevin Mamalis is a mechatronics engineer that developed a passion for prosthetics since he is 12 years old.
His vision and enthusiasm drove him to be the initiator of MotionTech, where he now handles the R&D and business development.


Alexandre Grillon is an artificial intelligence and 3D visualisation specialist.
His experience in the professional world serves as base for leading the project management and financial aspects.


Clément Gabry is a nanotechnology engineer from EPFL.
After working as a business developper in technology consulting in the Benelux, he joined MotionTech and took the leadership of the regulatory and legal aspects.

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